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Invest 56 LLC is an independent entity based in Dubai having a distinctive short-term and long-term investment approach, focused on delivering positive returns, regardless of how financial markets perform. Established since 2018, investing predominantly in conventional and unconventional assets as part of an investment approach that is conservative, tried and tested.

Managing a diversified portfolio of investments across multiple sectors, some of which include Technology, Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Tourism, Sports and new startup companies across the United Arab Emirates. As an independent firm, our organization is solely focused on investment management. We direct all of our intellectual capital and financial strength toward helping our partners achieve their objectives.

At Invest 56, we are aware of the impact that our investments have for our stakeholders, partners and for the society in which we live and for the global environment. Therefore, we invest responsibly by analyzing, assessing and considering the Environmental, Social and Governance issues that might arise in the investment process. This approach allows us to significantly reduce the risks that we may encounter during our acquisitions and throughout the holding period of the invested companies.

Our goal is to keep exploring exemplary opportunities for investments that will not only increase the local economy but will also encourage the prosperity for future generations. We will continue to invest according to sustainable investing principles and, through our diverse experience, advocate for behavioral change in our industry and beyond.