We believe in asset allocation &
professional team.

We believe the desired objectives can only be achieved through strategic asset allocation, a professional team, and dynamic portfolio management. Invest 56 strives towards a unified objective in line with the Government’s vision which serves the nation with varied needs, including risk-tolerance levels to future investment planning.

Investment Service

Our aim is to carry out highly selective investments in region and entities where there is a high potential for investment outperformance. When we target entities, we look not only for a strong track record with recognized products, which shows potential for growth in order to deliver higher earnings but also assess the implications it will bring in as a positive change for our future generations.


Training at Invest 56 is so much more than just telling people what to do. Customized specifically to the needs of our clients, often the following discussion with our consultancy division, our team of expert facilitators work closely with our partners to develop highly-interactive and inspirational training that delivers measurable and sustainable results.

Our style is energetic, challenging and fun. In our experience, people learn and commit to change when they are fully engaged, challenged, and having a good time. Each of our expert facilitators has earned the right to do what they do from their extensive and highly successful careers in business prior to working.

Technology Services

Invest 56 represents the technology companies that are defining today the world that we will live in tomorrow. We are committed to helping our members and the sector grow. Striving to identify and advance innovation in the key markets representing the most significant opportunities for growth domestically.


Privatization, when well executed, can bring clear benefits to the economy in terms of economic growth, higher employment, and an improved fiscal balance for the nation. This sector has consistently shown to grow output, raise profitability and increase efficiency. These improvements, in turn, increase growth in GDP – the source of prosperity of all.